Partner Highlight: Celebrating NanoDays 2019 Events Across the Country

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota
NanoDays 2019

Many partners have shared images of their NanoDays 2019 events on social networking.

We have gathered just a few of many images shared by partners highlighting the different ways partners continue to use NanoDays kits and resources to engage the public.

NanoDays with a Quantum Leap event at Museum of Science in Boston

shared by @KABrownLab, @JavaFXpert 



NanoDays in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Gateway Mall

shared by @nejatiLab and @nebraskaMRSEC on Twitter

"Nanodays in Lincoln: We had a great opportunity to engage public with nanoscience and technology!"

Timelapse video of the event from @nejatiLab:




NanoDays at Purdue University, Indiana

shared by @nanoHUBTanya @BNCPrudure @jhgs @aboltasseva and @PurdueSuterLab on Twitter 






NanoDays at California Science Center in Los Angeles with UCLA and USC

shared by @ChungLabUSC on Twitter



NanoAventuras en Puerto Rico, Mazaguez, Puerto Rico

shared by @ERriopiedras  @NanitoCREST on Twitter


Winona State University's Women in Science and Engineering Family Fun Day in Winona, Minnesota

shared by @IeeeR2 on Twitter

Many more images at:







Thinkery in Austin, TX 

Small science, big deal!

shared by @ThnkeryATX

STEM throughout the year

Please check out our seasonal events page for a Calendar of STEM-related seasonal events and holidays featuring ideas for incorporating current science, engineering, and technology content into holidays, seasons, annual events, and special events.

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